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Online sports betting is quite legal in many US states as well as other countries across the world, though legislation varies by state and country. Of course, players must be at least 18 years old.

To keep your game safe and enjoyable, choose reliable and verified eth sports betting sites.

Our reviews and ratings pinpoint the top betting websites supporting Ethereum crypto currency.

We put the best Ethereum betting sites through an extensive vetting to ensure they meet our strict criteria.

Our selection of the best eth betting sites includes verified operators with the perfect balance of the first deposit bonus amount, payout speed, safety, reliability and confidentiality.
All for your perfect sports betting experience.

Find many cool Ethereum betting sites in one place

We provide Ethereum betting with the utmost privacy.

You can see here the most Trusted premium sports betting providers accepting Ethereum for deposits and withdrawals. ETH is one of the most reliable and widespread crypto, so sportsbooks love to work with this currency, protected by blockchain technology.
Chasing the highest odds, you’ve made the right conclusion by choosing our website. This is a great choice for sports betting fans.

Our proposed platforms offer:

  • Wide selection of sports for Ethereum betting
  • Sleek good-looking websites design
  • Intuitive users interface for nice game
  • Great Ethereum betting odds
  • Cool promotions
  • Players can use Ethereum to fund their sport betting endeavors
  • Our players get 24/7 customer support by one click
  • Sign-up bonuses and other bonuses
  • Mobile Ethereum betting option
  • Live Ethereum sports betting
  • Live streams of sport events
  • The quickest payout time with Ethereum.

Pros and cons of Ethereum betting


  • Simple, intuitive and straight-to-the-point betting interface. Even beginners quickly learn how to make sports bets, how to make a deposit, how to choose a sport to bet on, how to withdraw winnings, how to use bonuses and so on.
  • It’s easy to deposit eth to a sportsbook. Just follow the instructions on the sports betting platform. Of course, you need to have Ether in your wallet.
  • Secure and decentralized transactions. With Ethereum, all transactions are recorded on a public ledger called the blockchain. This means that the outcome of an Ethereum betting is transparent, secure and tamper-proof.
  • Ether withdrawals are the fastest if compared to any other transaction method.This gives players more freedom and flexibility when it comes to gambling online.
  • Anonymity. Ethereum allows for anonymous transactions, which can be beneficial for players who value their privacy.


  • Ethereum “gas” fees (Ethereum’s transaction fees). It’s very small indeed. A fair price for security and anonymity, right?

You’re right if you decide that ETH is the best payout option for you. With Ether, your property is safe.

What sports can you start ethereum betting on online?

Here you can choose a site for betting on horse racing, NFL, NBA, NHL, superbowl, any sports events and competitions. Choose your favorite sport that you understand.

Each of our sportsbooks offers a large betting menu in sports. New players are always offered a sign-up bonus to encourage and support them. Some operators offer a referral program with refer-a-friend bonus. Regular promotions are another type of incentive for players.

What kind of identity verification is usually needed for sports betting

First of all you have to open an account on any Ethereum based sports betting site from our library. There you find a form to fill out. You have to indicate your name, address and other personal data, depending on the operator. Be sure that your personal information is protected and confidential.

Normally, to prove your identity, you have to send a scan of any government-issued ID to the sportsbook for processing. Passport or driver’s license scan is OK. The ID must be with the same name as the betting account holder.

Ethereum crypto provides you with added privacy for sports betting. No Identity Verification needed.

How to Start betting with Ethereum

Getting started with Ethereum sports betting is easy and straightforward. Here are 4 steps you need to follow:

  1. Obtain an Ethereum wallet:
    You need to have a crypto Ethereum wallet. There are several popular Ethereum wallets available, including MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet.
  2. Purchase Ether:
    Once you have an Ethereum wallet, you will need to purchase Ether to fund your wallet. You can do it on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Kraken or any other.
  3. Choose an Ethereum betting platform right on this website:
    There are many betting platforms available, all are verified and reliable and safe for fair play. Once you have found a platform you like, sign up, filling out the form. Bettors are not permitted to open multiple accounts in order to bypass the limits imposed by the platform.
  4. Start playing:
    After successful registration, you can start betting on sports by depositing Ethereum in your wallet and placing bets.

Withdrawing ETH from your Ethereum betting account

The main goal of sports betting is having fun. But it is not bad to get money for a successful bet. And, finally — Congratulations, you earned it!

The most exciting and pleasant moment in sports betting is a winnings withdrawal from your sportsbook account. Take your winnings out in ETH crypto. It’s the best payout option for betting compared to credit cards and other payment methods.

Do you know how to withdraw winnings from your online sports betting account to your Ethereum wallet or account?

Once you know you’ve won, you can request a payout. There must be a “request withdrawal” button, click it now. And wait until the sportsbook reviews your account to ensure the request can be completed. It may take up to 2 days, but normally it takes less than one day. You can cancel your withdrawal request if you decide so.

Be aware of how much of your eth is eligible to be withdrawn without suffering a penalty. Sportsbook may “lock” some of your crypto until you clear a deposit bonus rollover.

Have you ever checked how long Eth withdrawal takes? Ethereum wallets are getting closer to instant but are still advertised as 24 hours. Normally, once your ethereum withdrawal request is processed, Ether may be transferred to your wallet in as fast as 15 minutes.

We ensure that your eth withdrawals are secure, fast, and reliable.

Useful tips worth knowing about Ethereum betting

  • Please read sportsbook rules and regulations before betting. Remember that all bets must be made and accepted before the start of the event/game is wagered. Any bet placed or received after the start of the event/game wagered will be void.
  • If you decide to finish with Ethereum betting activity on a definite platform, make sure to withdraw your remaining eth. Inactive accounts can be declared dormant after a year. Such accounts are often subject to a monthly fee until the balance reaches 0.
  • New players can obtain a welcome bonus — a free play. Use it.

How to successfully win in Eth sports betting

Follow sports events and games closely to stay informed. Before betting, first inquire about the results of this or that team in previous matches. Of course, title teams that win the biggest championships have a better chance of winning. Studying the history of sports competitions may take a long time, but your chances of lucky betting will increase significantly if you guess the winner.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the sports, enjoy your favorite sports events and win!

In conclusion, Ethereum betting is revolutionizing the online gambling industry by offering a new level of security, fairness, and transparency. With its decentralized nature, smart contracts, and anonymous transactions, betting with Ethereum offers players a whole new level of freedom and flexibility that was never possible before. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of online gaming, online sports betting is definitely worth checking out. So why not start exploring this exciting new world of ETH betting today?

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The legality of Ethereum sports betting varies depending on your jurisdiction. Be sure to check local laws and regulations before. ETH betting is safe due to the decentralized nature of the Ethereum network and the use of smart contracts. 

Yes, Ethereum allows for anonymous transactions, so you can play Ethereum sports betting without revealing your identity, if sportsbooks allow it.

First you should apply for withdrawal. There must be a button “payout request”, click it. And wait until your request is processed. After a short time, your winnings will go to your Ethereum wallet.

Ethereum  sports betting with is secure, legitimate, and fully fair game with clear rules accepted in the world. Only verified  sports betting operators, easy deposits, fast payouts and withdrawals.

Top ETH sports betting sites

How to choose the best one? You’ll find an answer on pages of our website!


What people say

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Get better insight about Ethereum sports betting sites Bonuses

You can bet on sports not only with your own Ethereum coins. The best Ethereum betting sites give you the opportunity to play and win without a deposit in Eth. The sportsbooks offer generous bonuses of various types to encourage new and old players to place more bets on sports.

Learn all about bonuses and be sure to take advantage of this chance. Perhaps it is the bet for bonuses that will bring you the long-awaited big jackpot.

First of all, when examining the new Ethereum betting site, ask what bonuses it offers.

Different Ethereum sports betting sites offer players such bonuses:

  • Sign-Up Bonuses: these are bonuses to welcome a new player who has just registered on the site. But in order to get a welcome bonus, you must first make a deposit.
  • Deposit Match Bonuses. For example, the Ethereum betting site offers a 50% match bonus. It means that if you deposit $100, the sportsbook gives you an extra $50 to bet. Your total bankroll will then be $150.
  • Free Bets Bonuses: incentivised bonuses offered byEthereum betting sites to players. If you win with a free bet, the winnings you receive will not include the free bet amount. For example, you get a $50 free bet. And win $200. Then your winnings are $150. The advantage is that the player does not risk his own money.
  • Sport-Specific Bonuses. It’s a reward for choosing definite sports for Ethereum betting. For example, this bonus is valid only for horse racing, or superbowl events only.
  • Reload Bonuses : A way for Ethereum betting sites to reward loyal players for continuing betting at their site. This type of bonus is only for players who have had an account on this site for a long time. This way sportsbooks retain players.
  • Cashback bonus: a partial repayment of a loss. For example, 10% of a lost bet. Cashback bonus is usually only provided for a specific competition or championship, or it can be intended for just one game. Follow the information carefully.
  • Ethereum faucet bonuses. This is a special bonus used by the most advanced Ethereum betting sites to encourage customers to wager with Ethereum.
  • Unique bonuses from certain Ethereum sports betting sites. Each sportsbook tries to invent its own incentive methods and invent unique types of bonuses for its players. Carefully research the information about bonuses on the sites to take advantage of the most beneficial offers.

Your chances of winning will increase if you know all about Ethereum betting sites bonuses and use them. Fortune will favor you!